Britney Spears is launching a lingerie line

October 10th, 2017 October 10th, 2017
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If you turned a blind eye to bras and lingerie her later unravelling, turn-of-the-millennium pop idol Britney Spears will forever be immortalised in the pigtails, over-the-knee socks and peek-a-boo underwear she rocked as a Catholic school girl in the Baby One More Time video clip. Thats generally as far as our relationship with Britney and underwear has gone. 15 years on and thats about to change.

The 32-year-old is launching her own range of lingerie swith a Danish company to be titled The Intimate Britney Spears.

Whether or not there will be Australian distribution is unknown, but it will be available in the U.S. and Canada from September 9.

According to , the line with include lingerie  sets, vintage-inspired bustiers and kimonos, bras, undies and loungewear.

Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in everything she puts on. My vision for The Intimate Britney Spears is to create pieces that are sexy, luxurious and comfortable at the same time, said Spears.

While her pop princess rivals are becoming beauty editors and reality TV coaches (see and Christina Aguilera), Spears is currently doing a residency in Las Vegass Planet Hollywood with her Britney: Piece of Me show. The mother-of-two is also something of a fragrance mogul. She is about to release her 16th scent Fantasy Stage Edition, produced by Elizabeth Arden.

Lets hope this new bras and lingerie fashion venture turns out better than the time she and Justin Timberlake left the house in matching double denim.


9 Dick Casablancas Quotes That Belong On T-Shirt

October 10th, 2017 October 10th, 2017
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Blonde, brawny, and possibly bras and lingerie lacking a brain, it probably comes as no surprise that Dick Casablancas is the break-out character of Acting as an avatar of rich California Frat Guys, he somehow still appeals to sharp-tongued lady buzzkills like myself. Though Dick is written to be a dim-witted jerk who is more prone to pulling Veronica’s pigtails than even Logan Echolls, he’s impossible to hate. This is probably credited to the man behind the man, Ryan Hansen, and the excellent writing that goes into every episode. Hansen brings a perpetually fun-loving aspect to Dick that makes it hard to take your eyes off him, and vouching for the fun-loving side helped create the delightful and super-meta CW Seed spin-off .

So, like I said, at the end of the day, I will admit Dick is amusing and impressively quotable, spouting out masterful bro-tastic lines, the fratty foil to Veronica’s quick and sassy wit. Anything that came out of the his mouth could be captured onto a college boy’s T-shirt. Hell, as Dick was no stranger to slogan shirts himself, maybe he would wear them, too.

Here are nine lines that I think you’ll be seeing  in Spencer’s Gifts any day now.

1. Were young, single men in our sexual  prime. And the only reason were not out there going hog wild is because of your feelings? What are we on ? Am I Rosie ODonnell?The Rosie O’Donnell bit might be a bit dated, but, otherwise, this properly sums up Dick’s life philosophy. Feelings bad. Libido good.

2. “But, after we make someone pay, we’re gonna get high and play  right?”The ideal game plan for every male, from greasy 9th graders to 32-year-olds living in their mom’s basements.

3. “We’re thinking about going to the swim team’s beach blanket blow-out. You can wear your T-Shirt that says ‘I’d rather be home crying.’”This works out perfectly if you can actually get your lovelorn friend to wear an “I’d rather be home crying” tee to the swim team’s beach blanket blow-out.

4. “Tonight we’re gonna up-chuck the boogie to the rhythm of the boogity beat.”Perfect, it’s always been a life long fantasy of mine to vomit boogie.

5. “Uh oh. Someone’s got her eye on that Miss White Trash title.”I feel like this phrase is particularly uttered a lot at a Cancun Spring break wet t-shirt contest.

6. “Please tell me this is some new reality show called ‘My Skank.’” This is what happens when you try to get your boyfriend into your trashy addiction of . Incidentally, this was more successful than trying to sell Say to him.

7. “Whipped guys make the worst friends.”God forbid someone treats their girlfriend or boyfriend with respect and attention.

8. “This new wetsuit is like a cheap hotel: no ballroom.”I have to give this one to him, this could be a great line for Dick’s exclusive line of surfwear.

9. “It’s a sorority party. bras and lingerie It’s why I left the womb.” I mean, doesn’t it all boil down to that?

lingerie is a remarkably high-tech design discipline

October 9th, 2017 October 9th, 2017
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It is refreshing then bras and lingerie that Helena Christensen, Triumph’s newest high-profile design recruit, is frank about the help she received on the technical aspects that underpin her new line. One of the more exciting parts [of the design process] was to travel to Hong Kong, she explains, in London to debut the collection. And visit the places where the samples were being made by hand and talk to the seamstresses.

There are so many details in just that tiny little bra: the wiring, the straps, the clasps, and then the fabric of course. I felt like this was a good education for me to understand the clothing pieces from a different angle, a different perspective.

Born on Christmas Day in 1968 to a Danish father and Peruvian mother, Christensen was crowned Miss Denmark in 1986. Although she was unsuccessful in her bid for the title Miss Universe, Christensen decided to put on hold her interest in photography and concentrate instead on a modelling career. One of the original supermodels, her reign over the catwalks and covers of the Nineties is fashion legend, but in recent years she has forged a career behind the camera for Oxfam, as well as magazines Nylon and Elle.

Having modelled for Triumph for three seasons, Christensen has now not only turned her hand to designing a collection for the brand, but directed and starred in the campaign. The photographs, shot at her beach house near Copenhagen, capture a romantic idyll far from the aggressively sexual imagery that lingerie brands so often turn to.

The most important thing for me with lingerie is it can’t look like you’re trying too hard, she says. I think anything in life that tries too hard or comes on too strong is unappealing.

I always had ideas in my head that I draw and make sketches of, and I’m always ripping out pages that inspire me from magazines, taking pictures of books or stills from movies. I love colours and drawn in watercolour or oil. In a way there was a lot in me, but we all have ideas, we are all inspired but to learn how to take that and watch it materialise into something real was only possible because Triumph was there helping me through the whole technical part.


Celebrity-designed lines are notoriously often no such thing, but as well as enthusing about colours and fabrics, Christensen is candid about the compromises to her artistic vision because of the practicalities of production: I really like when it’s not just a seam that ends something. [The nude mesh] gave the body-suit a little bit of a deconstructed feeling. If it was up to me, the seams would have been raw but that would have been a step too far. They would say ‘the reason you can’t do that is because when you wash it, it will start opening up’. I think there is beauty in things falling apart but I understand they have to keep up the reputation of good quality.

The compromise was a pale underlay which is a reassuring juxtaposition to the intricate black lace strap details. With lingerie if it’s overtly sexy, that to me is not feminine or beautiful at all. I don’t feel comfortable in anything that is pushed or forced. I might put on a dress that is really sexy but I don’t leave the house in it, I end up in something that’s slightly shapeless. Designer pieces are so beautiful and amazing but I’d put them on and I would feel like a little child in a grown-up person’s clothes.

Christensen knows all about the intricacies of getting dressed up. Modelling is very different – then you have fun with it because for that moment in front of the camera you play with it. Whatever you wear makes you feel different so it would inspire me to be another character.

The more eccentric the clothes, the more your character evolved. I was always very grateful for those big crazy pieces. It was humbling to wear couture that you knew these extremely talented seamstresses had been making for months. There’d be five little ladies putting you in pearls. In my early twenties, I’d stand there and think ‘God, this is taking forever’ – now I see how fortunate it was to have been in that moment.

An intimate knowledge of the fashion world didn’t stop Christensen’s surprise at the amount of work in launching her own label in 2007. A collaboration with long-time friend and business partner Leif Sigersen, she says the 10-piece line: Gave me an insight into how much work and effort and time you need to put in to being a new designer. It really gave us so much respect because we did everything from scratch. Everything! I would say it was a great learning experience the first time around, but that’s also why I appreciated this time so much – because that was rough!

New beginnings may be rough, but Christensen is not afraid of them. After the birth of her son Mingus in 2003 she turned a photography hobby into a career. She was amazed to be approached by Oxfam for a trip to Peru to document a climate-change campaign. It made me very proud of being Peruvian and seeing nature in a different way. I came back with a completely renewed respect and longing for my Peruvian heritage.

Christensen’s photography has no doubt benefited from her front-of-camera work for some of the most respected photographers in the world, but capturing compelling images far from the glamour of a magazine photoshoot interests her more now. A lot of my photography is not fashion. I want to shoot reportage, to work for a newspaper. I recently went with Oxfam to the slums in Nairobi and that was probably the most hardcore eye-opening experience. To be with 20,000 displaced people gives you a reality check.

Having commanded bras and lingerie huge fees for a single day’s work, it is doubtful that Christensen’s continued career is financially motivated. For all those years, I came in, got dressed and sat in front of the camera, she says. That was where my input was. I never really felt connected, I never really felt like I got under all the different layers. But now I’m doing that and if I had stopped working in my early thirties I would never have reached this level.

Lingerie has always been a popular Christmas gift for a man to give his girlfriend or wife

October 9th, 2017 October 9th, 2017
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Many lingerie let-downs bras and lingerie lie gathering dust under beds and in the bottom of drawers thanks to bad choices made by men when it comes to purchasing underwear gifts for the women in their lives.

A study has revealed that two-thirds of women have received lingerie as a present from their partner, yet one in five women have never worn the gift, and 23 percent said they’d worn it only once.

The study also showed that older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser when it comes to lingerie – 40 percent of women aged 45 to 54 have never worn their gift of lingerie, double the average.

The poll of 1 600 women also found that the underwear women most dread receiving are crotchless panties, followed by leather lingerie and edible smalls.

When buying, men should ask themselves, is my partner a trendsetter or a classic dresser? What’s her type – wild and dominating or demure and dainty?

There is a very fine line between sexy and sordid, so choose carefully when buying lingerie for a partner.

If you don’t, your gift will end up gathering dust in a drawer, never to be worn, and she will end up wondering whether you are dissatisfied with your sex life. Why else would you want to dress her up like a porn star?



1 Know her size

Check her underwear drawer to get the right sizes. It’s sneaky but works wonders. Look at the labels to find out what bra size and panty size she wears. If that’s not possible and she has protected all her clothing with deadlocks, choose a beautiful silk robe.

2 Be taste sensitive

This will bring you serious brownie points. What style of underwear does she normally wear?

Does she like little thongs, short style knickers or a classic lace panties? If she’s not a fan of red suspenders, don’t try to tempt her out of her comfort zone.

If she is feminine, go for a stunning nude or pale lingerie set and show her you pay attention. If she’s a seductress, opt for a more sultry look in classic black.

3 Make it special

Designer lingerie is a treat. Men either veer towards safe options or opt for ill-fitting and (usually) unwanted crotchless panties.

Most women bras and lingerie enjoy receiving beautiful underwear they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves. Be bold, go for something versatile and different. Try a flowing yet sexy negligee (often referred to as a babydoll dress) paired with a minimal thong for a luxuriously sensual look, for example. If you’re stuck, buy her something bold and edgy as well as something classic and feminine and cover both looks.


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